Our product/service is purchased by corporations, schools, and public libraries. Below is a few of the testimonials that some of our clients have provided.


Town of Bassendean

It is now 8 years since the Bassendean Memorial Public Library and Information Service has signed the contract (October 1993) for the delivery, installation, training and implementation of the LMSi Management System.

I have to say that the relationship and service levels we enjoy are quite remarkable in many ways. The reliability of the LMSi has been and remains outstanding and its relevance to the demands of service provision in 2001 has been maintained through the upgrades.

The initial evaluation made in 1993 that the LMSi was ample for smaller library systems and therefore ideal for the Bassendean Library, has remained valid.

The capacity for us to add modules as the need arises has enabled us to add the Local History module recently and with the modifications requested, this is proving to be a valuation addition to our capabilities to display all Library holdings on our O.P.A.C.S. (including photographs).

Our experience has been that the LMSi is easy to understand, easy to operate and ideal for our sized operation. The training required for new and volunteer staff is not very great and this has been a major bonus to us.

I want to also place on record the appreciation for the quality of service we received on those few instances it was called for. Your company has in the past, and I trust will in the future, continue to be supportive and helpful – even in the little things.

I have been really pleased with your ability and willingness to be as patient, supportive and understanding to us now and when we commenced the relationship in 1993.

Thank you for a wonderful “partnership” up to this point and I believe that I will be able to comment similarly at the end of the next eight years.

Thank you to the Comsoft team.

Alan Caddy
Manager Library & Information Services
Town of Bassendean

Book Collection size: approx. 18,000 Photograph Collection size: 4,000

Shire of Murray

The Alcoa Murray Public Library has been using Comsofts’ Library Management System (LMSi) since March 2000 when the staff at Comsoft made sure that the transition from our old database to LMSi was completed with only minor disruptions, and without the library having to close to the public.

All of the library staff, including those with very little computer experience have found the system to be easy to learn and very user-friendly. The introduction of the LMSi system has allowed our collection to continue to diversify in material type due to its wonderful flexibility and to be accessed by our members in a much more comprehensive, user-friendly manner.

We have found the unfailing friendliness and willingness to help with even the smallest problem of the staff at Comsoft a delight on the few occasions that we have needed to contact them. They have always gone out of their way to ensure that our LMSi system is tailored perfectly to our collection and our community’s needs.

Kate Bridge
Principal Librarian
Alcoa Murray Public Library
Shire of Murray

Collection Size ~19,650
Material Types ~ Books, Periodicals, Jigsaw Puzzles, Compact Discs – Books & Music, CD-ROMs, Audio Cassettes, Maps, Charts, Photographs, Collectables, Oral Histories & Directories.


In 1988, Bunbury Catholic College was one of the first schools in the South West to automate its library. Shortly after, Comsoft became our library software support company. Since 1995, their LMS software has been an integral feature of our library management and services; the stability of the program proving to be an enviable facet of technology at this College.

Whilst other school libraries have needed to change their management software during this timeframe, we have simply upgraded LMS versions and have now incorporated the wonderful LMSi onto the Intranet of our Cathednet network. Students and staff alike have found the browser interface easy to use; the OPAC hyperlink facility allowing for more efficient and effective searching from any computer within the school.

Comsoft demonstrates genuine interest in the needs of their library clients, and are committed to providing quality service and competent advice. They progressively adapt their software to encompass new technology directions, and are open to the ideas and suggestions of the user group.

As we are located in a regional area, the library staff of the College have appreciated the invaluable support of the friendly Comsoft team over the years. It is reassuring to have trust and confidence in a local W.A company and its product.

Kathy Hogan
Teacher Librarian

The College caters for secondary students in Years 8-12 (currently 950) and has 93 teaching and administrative staff. Collection Size: Approx.15,000 items ( book stock, multimedia and audio-visual equipment.)